Proyect Town hall Novetlé


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The ancient palace has been rehabilitated recovering to the maximum the initial elements and there has been constructed an attached building that provides with functionality the same one. the project appeared to obtain two priority targets: the recovery of the local patrimony and the adaptation of the municipal services, giving capacity to proposals of cultural interest. An intervention of rehabilitation is combined with other one of enlargement. In the farmhouse it is operated consolidating the building, with the execution of new forged, interior redistribution, opening of hollows, and replacement of carpentries, finished and facilities. With the enlargement new spaces have been created to lodge different municipal services. The building is one of the most significant constructions of the Coastal one, representing the type of Aragonese proper palace of the middle age in this zone. The frontage is provided with three differentiated plants. In the first one one finds the access and three windows, in the second sendos balconies and vain of small dimensionas and the third one and more important, an arcade of 14 semicircular arches (one of them not), which they pass to the roof of a water and of Arab tile.
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