A covering of wooden beams gathers the revenue to the house, granting to the foyer a very human scale. The materiality together with the light rasante that bathes the space across a longitudinal lucernario, believe a warm and cozy ambience. The wooden volume acts as distributor and conector of the different pieces, simultaneously that opens to himself to all exterior spaces.

The target of the project is the creation of different exterior areas linked to the interior stays, according to the grade of intimacy of each of them. Every piece has a height according to his use developing in a plant, except the volume of the bedrooms. With this gesture a plant is obtained in the shape of cross that organizes the exterior space.

The walls of masonry get together with the wooden carpentries of afrormosía to create an intimate and kind universe. A few lattices of steel cut they complete the palette of materials and are used as closing in contras and verandas. The water plate evokes a pond in which the housing remains reflected and departs from the vegetation.