The house has a strong tectonic character thanks to the expressiveness of the materials used. The textures of white splinted concrete and bleached wood have been achieved so similarly that they sometimes blend into one another.

On the basement, in addition to the service and parking areas, there is a gym area and an indoor pool, with a sauna and changing room. The indoor and outdoor pools, located at different levels, are connected by a longitudinal window, through which the water from the outdoor pool casts shadows inside.

The staircase is treated as a sculptural element. Through some translucent glass steps you can see the sea. At night the steps are illuminated and act as a lamp. The railing is an inclined plane that follows the concept of the generating walls of architecture. The living room acquires a leading role and a singular dimension, a six-meter-high glass corner frames the best views of the sea. Throughout the entire house, multiple spaces are generated from which to contemplate it both from each of its interior rooms and from its exterior spaces.

Access is through a double-height volume, whose side walls focus the view towards the sea, offering the visitor’s first contact with the horizon. The day rooms are arranged on the ground floor, forming part of a continuous set, articulated by the white concrete walls. In the resulting interstices, vegetal elements are introduced that transfer the garden to the interior of the house. Each room has a porch open to the horizon.

All the lighting in the house is made with dimmable LEDs and is integrated into the architecture. Outside there are lines of light that extend in an imaginary way the walls that make up the house.

El espacio exterior se concibe como una continuidad de la arquitectura. Las líneas generadoras del proyecto se extienden más allá de los ejes de los muros y marcan las pautas de la vegetación, las zonas pavimentadas, la piscina y la iluminación exterior.