It is a building consisting of a basement, ground floor and 5 floors, compact, functional and efficient with a main and secondary staircase. The basement and ground floor are used for dining rooms and technical and maintenance spaces, and the rest of the floors are for classrooms and adjacent uses. In the façade plane, a double skin is distinguished, the interior “the thermal envelope”, is solved with wood, high-performance insulation and glazed fronts. The exterior is a solar enclosure made of folded perforated aluminum sheet to regulate the sunlight and protect the wooden façade. It is located 75 cm from the previous one, which allows the existence of an air chamber for thermal regulation

The new secondary classrooms are located in a prismatic volume, on the ground floor occupied by the dining room, thus optimizing the occupation of the floor. Its organizational scheme is as simple as it is flexible. The classroom has been solved in a certain way but its scheme allows it to be reconfigured freely.

The porch becomes a raised gallery: a communication element into another communication element. Architecturally, a degree of complexity is added to the horizontal communication system, adding to the step on the ground floor a step on the first level. This is, on the other hand, a resource very typical of modern architecture «that of the closed bridge or walkway

The dining room is located in the center of the plot, in its northern part, on the ground floor of the new classroom. On the one hand, it remains equidistant and perfectly accessible to all cycles, with a main entrance relaying to the longitudinal axis of the plot and another access differentiated from the previous one for the future nursery school.