A single-family home type customized by the client is started. Taking into account the existing conditions, a house organized spatially according to principles of functionality is proposed. From a section of three levels, the functions are organized according to conditions of privacy and coexistence. In the basement, a large space for parking vehicles, a soundproof room for music, a storage room and an installation room where the purification and maintenance of the pool are housed, among others, are projected on the client’s request. Also on this floor there is a guest room, with bathroom and dressing room with direct access to the garden.

A practically diaphanous public space is created on the ground floor next to some dependencies that host maintenance and storage uses, tasks linked to daytime hours. In contrast, the upper floor is proposed as an area for sleeping and recollection, with the area of ​​rooms all linked to an outdoor space through large windows from which you can enjoy the existing views.