A single free-standing piece of furniture houses the structure and distributes the spaces, filtering privacy, opening possibilities in the way of circulating and using the space. The main room, under the cantilevered shade, is arranged in continuity with the exterior. The interior of the furniture includes the wet parts and limits the scale of the night areas that fall to the quietest portion of the garden. The studio opens on the corner with the best views.

These two elements, cover and furniture, are deposited on the stone base in which the sheet of water and the rest of the uses of the house are excavated, giving rise to the third element. These spaces adapt to the natural unevenness that exists on the plot.

The scale of the house is moderated by understanding the area of ​​the house as a base to emerge with the same natural stone that urbanizes part of the plot. The sleeping area is placed on this base, creating shaded terraces where you can enjoy the outdoors.