The layout of the plan is generally open plan, with open workstations that fall to the main facade, which faces south, and several compartmentalized offices on the north facing facade. At the ends of the building the vertical communication cores and the toilet area are concentrated. The refurbishment has provided the building with a new envelope that opts for a composition of vertical openings, -with dimensions similar to those of the historic center-, and solid panels, made with prefabricated concrete panels, without projecting bodies or large overhangs. An image perfectly integrated into its surroundings.

Of the existing building, only the original structure has been maintained, with the necessary reinforcement to comply with current regulations. The adaptation of the building to the functional and normative parameters has found its main obstacle in the inclusion of all the technical facilities necessary for the correct development of the activity, which require a series of conditions and space much more demanding than the usual ones in the time of its construction.