The main objective for Construcciones Frances Ltd. is the continuous improvement of the quality in our works, as well as in the security and the health of our employees and the preservation of the environment, because for us they are equally important. To do so, we are committed in the points listed below:

-We promote preventive actions to achieve an improvement of the quality of our works in order to meet the needs that our clients demand.

-We support the elimination or the reduction of occupational hazards, especially in works at heights and falls, in order to protect the security and the health of our employees.

-We implement a wide range of measures in order to prevent pollution, and the damage and deterioration of our employee’s health.

-We are committed to ensure the compliance of our customers’ requirements, as well as our own requirements according to the management system and the legal requirements

-We require the active collaboration of our employees and our subcontractors since taking part in the daily activities and making decisions as they are coming up is something that involves the whole company, including employees and subcontractors.

-We take into account the innovation in new materials and techniques available in order to achieve an improvement of our working conditions, a reduction of the amount of accidents and the good environmental actions by adapting the job to each employee.